James David Jacobs, cello

James David Jacobs has worked as a cellist, conductor and composer for over thirty years in both New York and the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to many performances as an orchestral and chamber musician, he has also explored improvisation, the folk music of various cultures, and collaborations with theater, dance, and video artists. Among his many credits he has composed scores for HBO, PBS, and the Living Theatre; appeared on Prairie Home Companion and Saturday Night Live; and organized and directed cello ensemble concerts in New York, Boston and Minneapolis. He taught at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music for eight years, where he founded the school’s award-winning salon program. James has also had a successful career as a classical radio host and producer for WNYC, WNYE and WGBH. In addition to teaching for Midori & Friends, James is currently on the faculty of Art House Astoria and can be heard every Saturday night on Classical WETA in Washington, DC.