The Signature Series

The Signature Series

Imagine a school auditorium in East Harlem, where 275 elementary school children sit in the worn wooden chairs, waiting for their special assembly to begin. A string quartet appears on stage, and as the musicians tune their instruments, the room quiets. Then, the group begins to play the lyrical Allegro movement of a Mozart String Quartet. Across the auditorium, students’ eyes widen as the rich timbres of live string playing swell all around them; they sit with rapt attention as the musicians take them on an animated journey through the moods and emotions expressed within this Mozart masterpiece.

The Midori & Friends Signature Concert & Workshop Series expands the horizons of thousands of students each year with concerts and workshops that open doors to new musical worlds.

We offer two different Signature learning experiences the Signature Concert Series and the Signature Workshop & Performance Series.

Signature Concert Series       

Students’ appreciation of music comes alive as they attend the exceptional performances in our Signature Series. Developed with kids listening experience in mind, the concert programs present memorable repertoire in an age-appropriate and highly interactive format, performed by masterful artists on the Midori & Friends roster. Over the course of the series, students are exposed to a wide variety of music styles, instruments, and playing techniques, and are introduced to the special musical “signatures” of legendary composers.

A sample Signature Concert Series might first immerse students in the rich harmonies of a string quartet, then the infectious rhythms of a blues combo, next the astonishing vocals of a gospel choir, followed by the regal blend of a brass quintet, and finally the café dazzling syncopation of an African drumming group.

Signature Workshop & Performance Series

In addition to attending the concert series throughout the year, students themselves can appear on stage through our Signature Workshop & Performance Series.

In this unique program, acclaimed artists and ensembles lead classrooms of 30 children at a time in hands-on music-making in a featured genre, such as classical, jazz, musical theater, gospel, or the blues. Students learn about instruments, the music's history and cultural context, repertoire, and playing techniques. Gathering weekly over the course of the program, they enjoy the rare opportunity of working closely with these role models of artistic excellence. At a culminating concert, students experience the special thrill of performing alongside the professional artists, to present what they have learned for a family and school community audience.

Each customized Signature program:

  • Presents exceptional concerts that give students access to classical music and other timeless genres.
  • Leads in-depth workshops where artists engage students in hands-on music making experiences.
  • Spotlights students in performances alongside professional artists.
  • Trains students to listen actively to diverse styles of music.
  • Instills lifelong music appreciation in children while they are nurtured as the concert-goers of tomorrow.
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