Mexico Beyond Mariachi

Mexico Beyond Mariachi takes students on an adventurous journey that reveals to them the vast cultural expression of our neighbor to the south. Students are exposed to live music and dance woven within a historical context so that they understand how Mexican culture has developed over 500 years, beginning with powerful Aztec dance and drumming, right up to today’s sophisticated violin and guitar playing. Workshops and concerts illustrate how each region of the country has its own rituals, celebrations, costumes, language, and music. In highly interactive workshops, students learn the Spanish names of the instruments, phrases, and Mexican folk songs, and learn folk dances in pairs and groups. At the concert, students are invited to come on stage to sing and dance with the ensemble. Alda Reuter and Peter Bogdanos created Mexico Beyond Mariachi in response to the need of the New York community for a comprehensive and professional portrayal of the diversity of Mexican culture: one that would reflect the changing demographics in the area. In forming the group, they looked beyond the typical idea of the beloved Mariachi musician and took the adventurous step to present to audiences another side of Mexican culture: one rarely, if ever, seen on the news or through the media. Alda and Peter’s years of travel though out Mexico, attending festivals, workshops and community gatherings informed their decisions about programming. Upon embarking on forming a group in New York City, they found outstanding artists whose mission has become presenting to students a Mexico beyond the stereotype, a Mexico Beyond Mariachi . Grades 1–12.