from the Press

“…a music education organization that has become a cornerstone of music instruction for students throughout New York City.”

- The New York Times

from the Administration

“Through its extraordinary dedication to nurturing our city’s young virtuosos, Midori & Friends helps this administration provide public school students with quality arts education. We are grateful for their efforts to help our children learn, grow, and achieve their dreams.”

- Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor, New York City


from our Partners

"Midori & Friends changes lives. Their substantive programs bring the beauty and joy of music to thousands of our city's children who would not otherwise have access to music education, and expand students' knowledge and skills. Equally important, the programs nurture students as young people; they develop students' curiosity, their self-confidence, and their pride in their own abilities.

- David Janes, Director of Foundation Grants, United-States Japan Foundation

from our Principals

"Being able to offer the Midori & Friends program has greatly increased the quality of life at P.S. 536. Younger students look up to the older students in Midori classes and can't wait to join the group! Midori & Friends is truly part of our school culture."

- Sasha Medina, Principal, P.S. 536, West Farms, Bronx

"The teachers from Midori & Friends came in with such passion for music that it was contagious for our students...One of our students started out the school year on the path to dropping out. In my heart, I believe that the music program and the Midori teachers saved him from this fate."

- Caron Pinkus, Principal, Landmark High School

"We can clearly see how the instrumental programs help our students. They learned how to balance their schedules, keep up with their classwork, and maintain excellent grades. As they move to middle school, they are at a clear advantage."

- Cheryl Place, Assistant Principal, P.S. 160, Jamaica, Queens

"Our Midori & Friends program has raised our students' self-esteem and has expanded the school's vision for the arts."

 - Maryann Wasmuth, Principal, P.S. 163, Bath Beach, Brooklyn

“Having music as part of our daily school activities has not only enhanced the overall school environment, but it has also contributed directly to the improvement in our students’ academic pursuits… Midori & Friends has truly been a vital part of the lives of the families at our school. For some children, music has become a passion and a profession. For others, it has been a joy that will last forever.”

- Dr. Peter McFarlane, Principal, P.S. 180, Harlem

"Our test scores are quite high in ELA and math and I believe much of this is due to the excitement children feel when coming to school. Of course our academic teaching should be exciting but our arts programs also motivate our students. They love coming to school – and not just because of math and reading. Celebrating our academic success is a celebration of a well-rounded student. Our students eagerly go to band, violin, brass, or woodwind classes. Our concerts are always to capacity crowds. The correlation between music and high test scores is no coincidence.”

- Sibylle Ajwani, Principal, P.S. 229, Woodside, Queens


“The music, the talk, the critical thinking, the engagement and excitement you provided to our children made a grand impression, the residual of which will impact lives for many years to come. You’ve sparked minds, passions, and endless possibilities.”

- Andrew Topol, Principal, P.S. 182, Jamaica, Queens


“The guitar teacher has developed a wonderful relationship with the children, engaging them and helping them feel like musicians. They feel successful and truly love their new-found musicality. I believe they have become life-long guitarists. I have rarely had such a positive response for any organization that has come into our school to provide programming.”

- Tisa Farley, Director, P.S. 212 Midtown West Extended Day


from our Parents

"All four of my children play instruments, thanks to Midori & Friends. My son Amady played violin for a year, but is now playing flute. My daughter Maayel also started on violin, but then switched to viola. My other two daughters, Sirah and Jenaba, have continued with violin. I can't thank Midori & Friends enough for the focus and the happiness their music programs have brought my children."

- Ethelore Sow, Parent, P.S. 180, Harlem

“A year ago my daughter knew nothing about Tchaikovsky and now she is playing one of his pieces in her woodwinds class and enjoying music. At a young age she has been given the opportunity to experience success.”

- Parent, P.S. 229, Woodside, Queens

"During a recent performance, I was delighted to see my daughter and her Midori friends stand up and cheer for each act. It was endearing to see them honor the performance of each musician, and to do so with such genuine conviction and camaraderie."

- Visumuzi Sibanda, Parent, P.S. 180, Harlem

from our Teachers

“We are so proud of the achievements and growth that our students have made because of your dedication to enriching the lives of children through music…We can’t believe the growth they have been able to show. It is truly amazing to see what they can do. Thank you, Midori & Friends, for bringing this program to our school. You have enriched our children not only with music instruction, but with an emphasis on character development.”

- Donna Lennon, Library Teacher, P.S. 4, Washington Heights


“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful partnership during our spring “Music & Literacy Workshop” at P.S. 64. Working with you was such a rewarding experience. It was such a great pleasure to see our planning go from page to stage! The children has a wonderful experience they won’t soon forget, and neither will I. It has been such a positive experience for our students, we must continue our work with this program!”

- Marta Rendon, Teacher, P.S. 64, High Bridge, Bronx

from our Students

"It was Midori & Friends that put the very first idea of playing the trumpet in my head...gave me my first instrument...taught me how to read music...and got me excited to go to school in the morning. Learning how to play an instrument changed my life. It gave me something special, something that not everyone can do. Today, I"m a student at City College, working toward a degree in Computer Engineering, which keeps me pretty busy. But still, I know I'm a trumpet player. That will never change."

- Bancroft Sparkes, Alumnus, P.S. 160, Jamaica, Queens

"I feel like I overcame a lot of obstacles in my life based on the Midori & Friends program alone. My confidence has been boosted tremendously, and i also made a lot of new friends. I'm going to college next year, and I'm definitely going to continue my music."

 - Diteyn Elmxosogu, Class of 2012, Landmark High School, Chelsea

"I feel great that I get to learn music every day. I will always keep it in my heart and remember Midori & Friends. Even if I grow old, I will remember that I learned the music that I know now.

- Jeryan, Grade 5, P.S. 4, Washington Heights

“Dear Midori, Thank you for bringing your program to our school… Music makes me feel like a beautiful butterfly fluttering in the sky, sitting on fluffy clouds seeing the world around me.”

- Tiffani, 2nd grade, P.S. 91, Glendale, Queens

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