Heritage Blues Orchestra


The Heritage Blues Trio explores African-American music traditions including work songs, field hollers, gospel, as well as acoustic and electric blues. By providing personal insights and historical context for the songs they perform, the trio helps students understand the importance of storytelling in these genres, the influence blues has on American popular music as well its role in the larger diaspora. They also help demonstrate some of the reoccurring themes in the blues by discussing their instruments and song structure, as well as by participating in call and response with their audiences. The Heritage Blues Trio consists of the three core members of the Grammy-nominated Heritage Blues Orchestra: Bill Sims, Jr. (vocals, guitars, piano), Chaney Sims (vocals) and Junior Mack (vocals and guitars). The trio highlights the core member’s individual voices, their ensemble singing and their exceptional instrumental talents, while continuing to embody the orchestra’s innovative approach to American roots music which honors blues legacies and provides new interpretations of these classics. Grades K – 12.