Drum Café


High-impact, Interactive Drumming workshops and assemblies. Drum Café uses the power of rhythm as a tool to reduce conflict and create supportive, empowered networks. Whether we are building teams for our corporate clients, or drumming with students, staff and faculty, each person gets a drum to play and becomes part of a synchronized drumming orchestra. Through the African philosophy of “Ubuntu”——am who I am through others, we create an experience of working, learning and playing in environments where people feel respected and included. Participants become focused, receptive and connected. Drum Café facilitators are seasoned stage entertainers specialized in team training and development. Together with a diverse and world-class musician base, we demonstrate high performance, multicultural teaming. Our artists come from world-renowned African drum and dance companies like Les Merveilles Guinea, or work on Broadway shows like Lion King, Pippin and Stomp. Grades K – 12.