12 Notes

12 Notes

“I feel great that I get to learn music every day. I will always keep it in my heart and remember Midori & Friends. Even if I grow old, I will remember that I learned the music that I know now."  - Jeryan, Grade 5, P.S. 4, Washington Heights

A guitar student in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, plays a Bach melody for the first time. Middle school jazz band members in Woodside, Queens, jam with a Grammy Award-winning blues ensemble—while in an auditorium in Harlem, 20 third-graders rehearse salsa, pop, and country variations of a traditional folk song on violin. These are but a few snapshots of the musical learning experiences that our 12 Notes program brings to New York City’s young people.

Throughout the school year, our 12 Notes students are learning how to hold instruments for the first time . . . play new pieces . . . harmonize . . . listen in an ensemble . . . read music . . . and express themselves artistically.

12 Notes programs engage Grade 3-12 students in sequential, standards-based instruction on  guitar, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, violin, cello, percussion, or voice, scheduled twice-weekly over 20 to 24 weeks. Led by teaching artists who are actively performing professional musicians, our residencies are developed to provide students with a solid foundation of musicianship and technique, while nurturing listening skills, imagination, and emotional expression. By the program’s end, students have tangible accomplishments to share with their family and school community.

The Midori & Friends Milestones of Student Learning shape programs around the student’s experience and guide a consistently high-quality musical engagement.

Each year, our 12 Notes: Instrument Instruction programs:

  • Instruct more than 1,000 students in guitar, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion and voice.
  • Conduct over 2,100 sessions of instrumental and vocal instruction by gifted teaching artists.
  • Engage students in small-group classes with extensive one-on-one coaching that meet multiple times weekly for 24 weeks.
  • Cultivate students as attentive listeners and critical thinkers.
  • Teach children to play well-suited repertoire, read notation, and interpret music expressively.
  • Showcase students in recitals and public performances where they can share their musical learning with family and the school community.

12 Notes lesson plans are aligned with the New York State Standards in the Arts and the New York City Department of Education's Music Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.

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